Root Master APK Latest Download

Root Master APK

Root Master APK is an Android application that perform root function on all Android smart devices. It makes the user able to root the device and control all build-in features and permissions. Root master APK needs the SuperUser app to root any device properly without losing any feature. This app is very simple to download, install, and use. It is compatible with Android v1.5 to v5.0. You can root all old Android smartphones and tablet with the help of Root Master APK.

There are different reasons to root any Android device such as default installed annoying bloatware that consume the device battery. To control over these useless functions on a device, Android users preferred to root their devices and improve the battery backup and device energy.

Root Master app also has the “UNROOT” button, if you need your device unroot in any stage, you just press that button and your device will be unrooted as it was previously. The root process also behind the one click button. You can root or unroot your device any time within few seconds. The main reason of rooting an Android device is to use all the features of your device that are not allowed on un-rooted devices.

Root Master and Root Access

Root access refers to the core part of a system. To perform anything extra on any system, you will always need to root access of that system. On a rooted Android device, it is possible to install various useful apps that performs amazing functions on an Android device. There are many apps that don’t allowed to install on unrooted devices. You can enjoy them on your Android smartphone or tablet after root.

Root Master APK Download

Remember that after root, your device warranty will be unclaimed. You will not be able to claim device software warranty in any case, but you can still claim for hardware warranty. In some cases, Android device is being bricked during the root. There is no complaint for Root Master app, but with some other apps it has been happened. You can try the root from your own will. We are not responsible for any kinds of misshapen.


  1. No any other device required to root
  2. The APK is everything to perform the root task on any device
  3. Boost Android device speed after root
  4. Full control on device to uninstall the default installed apps that uses device batter, memory, and slow down performance
  5. It will make you, your own boss to manage permissions
  6. Free to download for everyone in the world
  7. Easy user interface
  8. Best to perform root with Superuser

It is designed for faster performance of Android devices. It is a best alternative to other rooting apps that available in the market. Every user recommends Root Master APK because it is the easiest and simplest way to root an Android device. Just download, install, and run the root by pressing root button. It is compatible with Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Oppo, and other brands.

Root Master APK latest English version is compatible with Android Cupcake (1.5) to Android Lollipop (5.0). Since it has been released, there is no mobile phone brick reported yet. Root Master has safe, secure, and clean root method. You can use it on your phone without any problem.

New Version;

  1. Device Performance Boost Up
    Root your device that boost performance 200% after root. It removes the blocked permissions from a device and make the user control enable to upgrades the device performance rate and make the device install able for myriad of a third party apps.
  2. Simple One Click Root;
    Root Master APK has a very simple root method. It is as simple as Facebook like button. Just download, install, and tap on root button to perform root task.
  3. Access Third Party Apps:
    By default, the developers have been adding limitations, and restrictions in a device. Root Master app can remove it from device through root access. You can get more features, and best performance from best third party apps.
  4. Boost Battery Life:
    To change the fixed and hidden battery consumption of a device, Root Master is best way. Root master app can give the root access of the device and modify the power plan systematically. It gives higher rating for battery life.


Download Root Master app APK for Android v1.5 to v5.0. By using this app, you can boost your device performance, boost up device battery life, can access more apps, and much more. This app is very simple to use. You just need to download, install, and run root by tapping on root button.

We have brought you the latest version Root Master app from official site. The file that you will download from here contains all the genuine features, released by officials. You can download it by following the downloading button.